Do you know, Ashley graham weight loss diet secret? Super model Ashley Graham can be considered as a perfect example for a celebrity, who transformed her life by following an effective weight loss strategy. If you are interested in following her footsteps, you will need to take a look at the Ashley Graham weight loss secrets.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss:

In other words, you will need to get to know about the diet plan and workout plan of Ashley Graham and take necessary steps in order to follow it.

Ashley Graham had to go through a series of rejections from the industry due to her bulky body. Due to this reason, she came across the need to go for a transformation as well.

That’s where she discovered the importance of following an appropriate workout plan. In addition, she understood that workouts alone are not capable of delivering the results that she wanted.

Hence, she also came up with the need to follow a diet plan. The combination of the workout plan and the diet plan provided an excellent assistance for the supermodel to end up with amazing results.

#1. Ashley Graham Workout Plan

As the first thing, let’s take a look at the workout plan of Ashley Graham, which played a significant role behind this weight loss strategy.

If you want to be like her, you should think about following a similar workout plan.

Ashley Graham dedicated five different days of the week to her workouts. These five days were well planned.

It can be considered as one of the biggest secrets behind her success. Here is a quick overview of how the five days of Ashley Graham looked like.

Monday and Friday

The Mondays and Fridays of Ashley Graham were dedicated towards Boxfit. Boxfit is all about combining boxing along with heavy training.

Due to this combination, all people who engaged with Boxfit are provided with the opportunity to burn a large amount of calories.

Ashley Graham is a perfect example for an individual who achieved weight loss goals by following it. Apart from burning calories, Ashley Graham has got the ability to improve and increase coordination as well.

The Boxfit usually starts with skipping for a period of 2 minutes. It is then followed by three different rounds.

Along with progress, Ashley Graham increased the duration to 3 minutes, so that she could get better results.

After this, Ashley Graham went ahead and took a look at skipping for another 2 minutes.

After the skipping session, Ashley Graham practiced box jump, continual circuit, burpees, high kicks and push-ups.

The workout plan went on like that and it ended up with skipping rope. She engaged with this closing workout for a period of two minutes.


The Tuesdays of Ashley Graham were spent in the gym with circuits. In fact, she worked for 10 circuits within the gym.

During the workouts, Ashley Graham paid special attention towards polymeric, callisthenic moves and weight resistance.

She practiced it for 3 different rounds, so that she could end up with the best possible results.

The exact circuits that Ashley Graham followed at the gym include box jumps, squats, burpees, leg press, lunges, treadmill and pull ups. In addition, she also spent time along with bent over row.

She wanted to accelerate the results that she receives on Thursdays as well. That’s where she took appropriate steps in order to go for three different rounds.


The Wednesdays of Ashley Graham were dedicated towards wind resistance training. Ashley Graham got herself into the running track in order to practice wind resistant training.

She was able to push for five different rounds on the running track to end up with the best possible results.

It delivered the best of wind resistance training to her. On the other hand, Ashley Graham started slow running.

Then she focused on wind resistance training, which tempted her to push even harder. This weight loss strategy was released for five times.

Each session lasted for a period of 30 seconds. With that, Ashley Graham could burn a lot of calories along with time.


On Thursdays, Ashley Graham took necessary steps in order to build up strength, flexibility and coordination that are needed with the assistance of conventional weights.

She got an excellent help with that from her personal trainer. Hence, she was able to achieve the targets that she defined in Ashley Graham weight loss strategies as well.

When following kettle bell circuit training, Ashley Graham followed push-ups, pull ups and kettle bell swings.

In addition, she tried out the Globe Squat as well. It was in a position to provide amazing results to the super model within a short period of time.


As mentioned earlier, the Fridays of Ashley Graham were the same as Mondays.

#2. Ashley Graham Weight Loss Diet Plan

Secondly, you need to take a look at the diet plan followed by the super model. It played a major role behind weight loss goals as well.

The diet plan of this supermodel was a practical one. Hence, any interested person will be able to follow the steps of it and implement without keeping any doubt in mind.

This diet plan would definitely bless you with amazing results.

Here is an overview of how the diet plan of Ashley Graham looked like.

Ashley Graham used green smoothies to boost her energy levels:

Ashley Graham didn’t want to compromise her energy levels when following the diet plan. That’s where she came up with the need to follow a green smoothie diet.

It was possible to find a green smoothie in the breakfast of Ashley Graham for every single day.

This breakfast was in a position to provide the energy that she needed in order to cover up the entire day. Hence, she didn’t have to complain about anything.

Along with the green smoothie diet, This weight loss plan included many other fruits and vegetables. Bananas, a bowl of strawberries, cinnamon and spinach could be found in her meals every single day.

These foods were in a position to provide minerals and vitamins that were needed by the celebrity. In addition, she was blessed with the amount of energy that is needed to proceed with day to day work.

It delivered a healthy start for the day as well.

Ashley Graham never forgot to treat herself with food during the weekends. This helped her to stay away from getting bored with the meals that she consumes.

To avoid the boredom, Ashley Graham included cheese and Macaroni into her diet.

A couple of years back, Ashley Graham was struggling with some upset stomach issues as well. That’s because she had acid reflux.

It also led her towards nausea at times. When selecting the diet plan, this supermodel paid special attention towards the above mentioned fact as well.

In fact, she didn’t want to end up with such results again. Hence, she was wise in selecting food items that she wanted to consume.

The lunch plate of Ashley Graham was made out of brown rice, tahini and quinoa. She also preferred enjoying a large number of vegetables for the lunch.

This helped her to stick to a nutritious diet, which provided an excellent assistance when staying away from frustrating health conditions.

For the dinner, Ashley Graham preferred enjoying baked salmon and arugula salad. In addition to these healthy food items, she also consumed sweet potatoes. Therefore, she was able to receive amazing results within a short period of time.

These food items could provide assistance to Ashley Graham with achieving her weight loss goals. They never made the celebrity gain weight.

While enjoying this weight loss diet plan, the supermodel took necessary steps in order to detox her body with food as well.

She had a clear understanding that food she consume are in a position to provide amazing results with detoxing the body.

On the other hand, she knew that detoxing the body is in a position to deliver amazing results to her with achieving the weight loss goals.

Hence, she wisely selected the food items to flush out toxins from the body.

One of the best steps that Ashley Graham took in order to flush out toxins from the body was to increase the consumption of fruits.

In fact, she enjoyed fruits on empty stomach. This provided the celebrity with the chance to end up with amazing results. She could feel that her body is getting cleaner day by day.

Another step that Ashley Graham took to cleanse her body was to increase the intake of proteins.

To increase the protein intake, this celebrity started having more ocean vegetables. In other words, she wanted to eat vegetables that don’t contain any starch.

It provided with the best assistance to the supermodel with achieving her goals.

Thirdly, Ashley Graham started eating grains. It could also deliver amazing results to the celebrity within a short time period.

As you can see, Ashley Graham took some simple steps to cleanse the body and remove all toxins in it. You will also need to go through some simple steps in order to cleanse your body.

You just need to take a look at the steps that are capable of cleansing your body and take necessary methods in order to stick to such food items.

Then you will be able to accelerate the results that you are getting from your workout plan and the diet plan. In other words, you will also be able to transform your body like Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham is motivating others to lose weight as well

Some people believe that it is never a possible thing to lose weight and transform within a short period of time.

However, Ashley Graham proved that they are wrong. To help people overcome other myths that they have in mind, Ashley Graham is working as a motivator.

She motivates other people to lose weight with this weight loss secret. People who go through it will then be provided with the opportunity to transform their lives by following the footsteps of the celebrity.

When Ashley Graham started to get slim, most of the followers that she had on social media started criticizing her efforts.

They also said that she will never be able to get slimmer. However, it didn’t take a long period of time for the celebrity to prove that all of them are wrong.

Ashley Graham was continuously uploading her photos on the social media networks.

Hence, her followers could see how she is progressing on a daily basis. The comments that came on those photos helped her to reach the extremes and stay motivated.

Through these results, Ashley Graham also proved the effectiveness of this weight loss plan.

Ashley Graham has understood that there are thousands of individuals like her out there in the world. She is interested in becoming like those individuals.

That’s where she has started motivating those individuals. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, all you need to do is to follow this weight loss plan.

You will not be asked to do something extraordinary by this weight loss plan.

You just need to follow some simple strategies and you will be able to end up with amazing results within a short period of time.

What does Ashley Graham Wat in a Day?

Ashley loves to eat green vegetables and fruits, Since she loses are great weight her Instagram is getting populated with fitness freaks and with that she shared her routine.

Does Ashley Graham Work Out?

If you have this question in mind then here is the answer. Workout is a very major part of weight loss, you cant lose that much weight just with diet. Workout and diet both can help in combine to loss weight.

How Tall is Ashley Graham?

This question is out of topic but its getting hype so according to Wikipedia and major sites, her height is 5,9.

Final Words

Ashley Graham was almost ready to quit working as a supermodel because she has become a victim of obesity. However, she also knew that it is possible for her to work accordingly and achieve positive results. That’s where she started following the Ashley Graham weight loss strategy. This weight loss strategy was a combination of a diet plan and a workout plan.

She was able to stick to the weight loss strategy along with time. The commitment finally helped the supermodel to end up with amazing results.

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