It is that time of the year when there is a nip in the air. While nature is still adapting to this change, within many houses all sorts of renovation, home cleaning and Diwali pooja decoration is happening. After all, the festival of lights is just around the corner.

However, the yearly wholesome house cleaning is sometimes not possible for some of us. When both husband and wife are working, the house cleaning tends to happen at a snail’s pace mostly on weekends. Even in the case of one partner staying in the house like stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) or in present times, even a working-from-home husband is not able to start the home cleaning on time because of some or other preoccupations.

Now, if you are a mom whose child has just finished his mid-term exams and you haven’t started home cleaning then that’s alright. Similarly, if your boss wanted some very ‘urgent’ work to be finished just before the Diwali holidays then it’s fine too. Relax guys, I can feel you! Cause most of us are sailing in the same boat. Delay in house cleaning is very common and finally, most of us land up with few bare minimum days in hand to do all Diwali preparations. If you ask me, I always land up doing last minute Diwali home cleaning.

So here are some of the step-by-step pro-Tips from my so many years of doing last minute Diwali ki safai. You too can try them for cleaning the home quickly and making it festive-ready. Having done the same multiple times, I am confident that these are going to work and not let your guests know that these Diwali pooja decorations & preparations were done in a short time.

Start from the Ceiling Side

As the great physicist, Newton has taught us, what goes up comes down so start the last minute home cleaning for Diwali from there. Remove the spider webs if any & dust thoroughly over the ceiling and walls. Research shows that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. This is why dusting walls and ceilings become important as dust gets deposited in due course of time. It will hardly take 1-2 hours for the same.

Clean those Fans, Switches & Gadgets in the Front Room

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of your guests at home while you are busy serving them Diwali sweets and more? Well, they simply wait and look up or around the house. Imagine spotting a dirty fan, dirty gadgets or a dirty switchboard in an elaborately decorated house. It seems odd and gives a talking point to the guests. So cleaning fans, switchboards of all rooms & gadgets of at least front room should be done. Generally, I use sanitiser for cleaning fans and switches. However, if the stains are tough or for grease stain removal I apply a diluted solution of Cif cream and wipe after a minute. While for gadgets like T.V., music system etc., I spray a little light soap solution and wipe it off with a clean soft cloth.

How to clean gas stove: Before & After Use of Cif Surface Cleaner Cream Pictures of Gas Stove
How to clean gas stove burners: Before & After Use of Cif Surface Cleaner Cream Pictures of Gas Stove

How To Clean Gas Stove, Kitchen Sink, Wall Tiles, & Chimney

During festival time, the busiest room in the home is the kitchen. There is a lot of delightful cooking and serving that happens. So for a lasting impression on family and friends, kitchen cleaning should be taken up next. Start with cleaning the kitchen sink, wall tiles, chimney and gas stove.

How to clean gas stove is one often asked question. I clean this and tiles etc. very quickly and effectively using Cif cream. Same as mentioned before, I make a dilute solution using some Cif surface cleanser cream and then apply it over the kitchen sink, wall tiles, and chimney & gas stoves. Leave it for 5-10 minutes depending on how much grease and dirt is there. It is super effective against yellow stains & for grease stain removal. The best part of using this Cif cream is that it has a pleasant fragrance in contrast to the obnoxious chemical odour. Outer portions of kitchen appliances like the microwave & refrigerator too, I clean using this diluted solution. However, do not let it stay for more time on these surfaces and quickly wipe it off.

Yellow & Grease Stain Removal is so easy with Cif Surface Cleaner Cream. Before & after cleaning change on tap
Yellow & Grease Stain Removal is so easy with Cif Surface Cleaner Cream. Before & after cleaning change on tap

Clean & Maintain a Bathroom

No matter how much one decorates home during the festive season, a bathroom’s condition can spill the beans about the level of home hygiene maintained. Often bathroom floor & wall tiles are prone to tough yellow stains and taps get water stains. Here, too the multi-purpose Cif surface cleanser cream is remarkably effective. Pour a little amount of the diluted solution of Cif cream & water over the floor, wall tiles, taps and sinks or apply on the surface to be cleaned using a damp cloth and wipe it off. Getting a clean and shining bathroom is that simple and quick! 

How to clean gas stove burners: Cif Surface Cleaner Cream is quick and effective to use for hard surfaces like kitchen slabs, gas stoves, tiles and more.
How to clean gas stove burners: Use Cif Surface Cleaner Cream which is quick and effective

Dust-off Iron Doors, Windows and Grills

While some people wash iron doors, windows and grills but I prefer dusting away the accumulated dust using a micro-fibre cloth or brush. This way one doesn’t contribute to rust formation in the doors, windows and grills.

Wash The Artificial Flowers & Re-Arrange

As you reach this step, cleaning the house will almost be done. One can start to see a visible difference in the look and feel of the house after this last minute Diwali home cleaning. If you have artificial flowers in the house then it is best to wash them manually with a soap solution and rinse them under running water. This way the shape and colour of artificial flowers remain intact while the dust is washed away. For adding a dash of newness to the home, post-drying of the flowers, rearrange them in a new style!

Change Furnishings like Dining Table Cloth, Sofa Cover

Lastly, finish the Diwali home cleaning by changing the dining tablecloth & sofa covers if any. Curtains can also be changed along with adding Diwali decoration items to a more ‘luxurious looking one’ as we Indians tend to put our best foot forward in front of our guests. Isn’t it? ?

The above-mentioned, last minute Diwali home cleaning which also involves tough grease stain removal may seem to be too much work. However, if you don’t just clean it but simply Cif it, cleaning becomes super easy and effective. At least, I practice #DontJustCleanItCIfIt.

Further, it is hardly a day’s work in totality if all family members actively contribute to one or the other home cleaning activities. Diwali home cleaning this way becomes a time to bond, chit-chat, joke around and have a good laugh. Do try these tips and thank me later for a shining festival-ready home.

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