Following the lessons of the pandemic, 24 Hour Fitness is updating their brand identity and switching their approach to fitness. Their new initiative, Strength in 24, looks to build a more complete, holistic approach to exercising.

“The past few years have really tested the strength of our members in ways we would never have imagined,” said Karl Sanft, the president and CEO of 24 Hour Fitness in a statement. “Inspired by the resilience of our members, we developed our Strength in 24 initiative to celebrate our member community. I love the idea that we are all moving together into the future with a new definition of fitness, one that includes mental as well as physical elements.”

24 Hour is aiming to redefine what it means to be fit, strong and healthy. This can be seen through their new partnerships, programs and services such as, complimentary three-month subscriptions to Headspace; MODUS mind/body small group training program; HIIT+mindfulness program P.A.S.E. Factor; and industry partnerships such as those with nutrition, supplement, and wellness provider Nutrishop.

Another way 24 Hour Fitness is prioritizing holistic wellness is through their partnership with iCRYO.

Together the two brands have created a one-stop health and fitness destination inside the 24 Hour Fitness Parker Arapahoe club in Aurora, Colorado. The iCRYO Wellness Center offers whole-body cryotherapy, compression therapy, and PBM red light therapy, plus IV vitamin and hydration therapy, to boost recovery and athletic performance, pre- or post-workout.

“Mind and body health is a priority for most people, and we’re excited to offer these additional services to help everyone lead their healthiest, happiest lives,” said Ben Randall, the regional vice president of 24 Hour Fitness in a statement. “From destressing after work or recovery from a workout or training session, the new iCRYO Wellness Center will provide some of the best recovery options in a space that can help people relax and recuperate from daily pressures and improve fitness performance.”

Overall, the Strength in 24 initiative has potential to impact many lives. A poll by the American Psychiatric Association reported in 2022, one-quarter of Americans made a new year’s resolution to improve their mental health. Making the need for more holistic wellness programs high in demand for years to come.

Photo courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness.

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