Being a parent is a chaotic life, and there is really no saving you from that fact. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cut a few corners, so to speak, to make life with kids just a little bit easier.

While these tips and tricks likely won’t take away all of your stress, they can most certainly help you to alleviate some of it. Whether you are new to parenting, or even if you are a professional when it comes to parenting, at least a few of these tips are going to simplify your life immensely. Here are 5 tips seasoned parents swear by to make life with kids just a little simpler.

1. Commit to a bedtime routine.

It might sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but actually, not having a bedtime routine is what is more trouble than it’s worth. When your kids go to bed at the same time each night and have a routine in which every step is accounted for, they aren’t going to fight you when it comes time to go to bed, at least not as much as if their bedtime is always inconsistent.

2. Shop consignment sales for kids’ clothing.

Kids’ clothes can be super expensive, and at the end of the day, it is unlikely that their clothes or shoes will last very long before they outgrow them. So, purchase their clothes on consignment and when they are done, put them back up for sale.

3. Keep vinegar on hand at all times.

Vinegar is such a useful thing, it can be used to alleviate the pain of a burn, to clean just about anything, and it’s also convenient for cooking. Make sure you keep a bottle on hand just in case.

4. Stop folding newborn clothes.

Newborns do not care if their clothes are wrinkly. So keep them in a special basket that is mostly organized and call it a day.

5. Instead of birthday presents, ask for this.

Birthday presents are awesome, but do you know what is even more awesome? Having a night to yourself to eat your cake in peace. So, tell your friends and family that what you would like more than anything is to have someone watch your kid(s) for a few hours.

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