Keeping the home clean when you have a dog can often seem like a near impossible task – from shedding fur to slobber, to bugs and outdoor allergens, to indoor accidents and all the things that get tracked in on the fur and paws. And while dogs are definitely more upkeep than a pet-free home, a few effective tips and tricks can keep the home tidy and even more importantly, hygienic. We asked our dog-loving editor for her top three tips for keeping her home clean and sanitary, dogs in tow.

Wipe Their Feet After They’ve Been Outside 

Above all else, implementing this one routine made a massive difference to keeping the home neat and sanitary – clean the pups feet with suitable wipes every single time they return inside from the outdoors – and I mean every single time. Whether they’ve just been for a sniff in the garden or if they’ve been for a long walk outside, cleaning their paws is equivalent to our taking our shoes off when going indoors. I love using sensitive baby wipes that are chemical free – but they also have dedicated dog paw wipes that are made especially for dogs. Just don’t paper towels or toilet paper, as this will only spread the dirt around rather than removing it. 

Clean The Carpet On A Regular Basis 

Simply vacuuming the carpet might help to get rid of some of the fur that the dog sheds, but it doesn’t get rid of any bacteria or staining. I like to schedule regular professional carpet cleaning services that can thoroughly wash the carpet on a regular basis to ensure no dirt or viruses are lurking in the fabric. They use a special formula along with a dedicated device that blasts the carpet with hot water and some form of scrubbing brush to work through the grime and help reveal a clean, hygienic carpet with no dog-related mess. We have our carpets cleaned twice a year (spring and fall), but it might be worth cleaning them four times a year (once per season) if you’ve got more than one dog or furry pet at home.


An air purifier is a great contraption for homes that have dogs, as they work to remove nasty smells and pet dander from the air to leave it feeling refreshed and clean. I was incredibly surprised at the difference an air purifier made inside the home, especially for my husband, who suffers from allergies. The removal of pet dander (along with things like formaldehyde and mold spores, which is a mega bonus), can help everyone to breathe easier inside the home (including the pup) so it’s definitely a win-win situation. However, don’t make the mistake of confusing with an air purifier – they are two totally different devices!

The three tips above make a massive difference when it comes to keeping the home hygienic and fresh while living with a dog. The trick to making it work, as with most things, is to be consistent with the above.

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