Fans of Mrs Hinch have shared a ‘game-changing’ tip to remove black mould from your bathroom sealant.

Mrs Hinch is a cleaning sensation with more than 4.5million Instagram followers – and her loyal fans love her helpful life hacks, cleaning tips and motivational posts.

But many of her supporters have come to each others’ rescue with vital tips to remove mould from bathroom sealants, reported The Express. 

If you step into a bathroom you will usually spot silicone sealant, which protects water from entering areas of high humidity (stock photo)

If you step into a bathroom you will usually spot silicone sealant, which protects water from entering areas of high humidity. 

The white sealant, which looks like tape, is often found on the edges of baths, sinks and showers. 

But unfortunately they are a perfect breeding ground for black mould and very difficult to clean. 

People took to Facebook to share their top tips and many of them came to the same conclusion that Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster was the best product to use. 

One user put: Astonish is the best mould cleaner, just spray and leave. Wash off later and spray again. It kills spores, fabulous stuff.’

Anther wrote: ‘Astonish mould cleaner. Don’t waste money on anything else. We sprayed and left and didn’t even have to scrub.’

One more added: ‘Easy. Spray with Astonish mould and mildew spray. Leave overnight and rinse off. I do this once a week and it never comes back again.’

While another user wrote: ‘Use the astonish spray and leave overnight. It’s game-changing. You won’t believe the difference.’

A 750ml bottle can be bought for less than a £1 at Wilko.  

Mrs Hinch fans share ‘game-changing’ tip to remove black mould from your bathroom sealant

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