A damp expert has revealed the secrets behind dealing with mould in homes. Richard Brown said mould can be so serious it can kill and has now revealed his top tips on how to tackle the problem

Richard said mould is caused by condensation and only treating the mould will not stop it from returning. The ‘root cause’ must be tackled as well, he says.

It comes after a coroner ruled Awaab Ishak, 2, was killed by breathing in mould. He was living in his family’s one-bedroom flat in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, when he died.

The secret to dealing with damp is to ‘minimise’ how much moisture we add to our environment, Manchester Evening News reports. Cooking, having a shower and breathing are all ways moisture is added to the air.

Richard, who works with RBBA Ltd Building Surveyors, said ‘mould is a result of condensation, mould is not the cause’. He added: “What is meant by that is something is occurring that is allowing the germination of the mould and it is that something that must be rectified, not the mould itself.

“If you just treat the mould, it will continue to return, as you have not got to the bottom of the root cause.” Condensation is the ‘daddy of all damp causes’ and occurs when warm air hits a surface and cools quickly.

It ends up leaving a wet surface which ‘germinates’ mould sores which are present on all surfaces. By stopping the water, you stop the mould, Richard said.

About an inch of condensation around the bottom of windows is ‘normal’ during the mornings. But if there is more water, it means there is a problem with ‘extraction’, he said.

Maintaining extractor fans is vital, especially those placed over cookers. Damp will also move to the coldest room in the property, he added.

Often, where the damp is occurring is not the source of where it was made, Richard went on to say.

Top tips for stopping mould growth


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