Similar to beauty editors, content creators like Vienna Skye, who boasts more than a million followers on TikTok alone, get inundated with all sorts of gifts galore come holiday season. So when they like something enough to actually rave about it on their platform, well, then that’s how you know it’s worth writing home about. For Skye, Versace’s iconic Eros and Bright Crystal fragrances are her latest gifting obsession. “Besides how amazing they make you feel while wearing them, the bottles are going to look so good on the shelf,” says Skye. And we have to agree. After all, the stunning eaus have stood the test of time for a reason: They’re complex, beautifully layered, and incredibly versatile. Whether you know someone new to fragrance or want to excite the perfume connoisseur in your life, these timeless scents won’t disappoint.

Ahead, find out more about Versace’s best-selling fragrances and why they’re a non-negotiable in Skye’s gifting arsenal this holiday season.

For Him:

Versace’s Eros is deeply complex, masculine, and sensual yet refreshing all at once. Skye plans on giving it to her boyfriend this year, as it’s utterly perfect for a romantic partner. With that said, it’s also sure to delight your dad, brother, or any guy in your life who appreciates the fine art of fragrance — and you know, just smelling nice.

Inspired by Eros, the Greek god of love, this stunning eau de toilette features an otherworldly blend of mint oil, Italian lemon, and green apple, along with tonka bean, geranium, and earthy notes of cedarwood, oak moss, and vetiver. “It’s super refreshing,” says Skye, who especially fancies the citrus notes. It’s undeniably bold, in-your-face, and constantly keeps you coming back for more. And if that didn’t make it giftable enough, just look at the gorgeous bottle. I mean, need I say more?

For Her:

When it comes to what Skye looks for in a signature scent, it’s simple: “Something that lasts all day, makes me feel confident, and gets noticed by others while I’m wearing it,” she says. It’s Versace’s Bright Crystal. Bright Crystal is boldly floral, fruity, and unquestionably feminine, making it a prime present for any and all femmes in your life. Dazzling bottle aside, the fragrance itself is bright and juicy thanks to pomegranate and yuzu (a favorite note of Skye), with distinct floral notes courtesy of magnolia, lotus, and peony. And that’s not all: musk, acajou, and plant amber impart a sensual warmth that any fragrance-lover is sure to swoon over. With that said, don’t think twice before gifting Bright Crystal to your best friend, mom, sister, work wife… you get the idea. Anyone who appreciates feminine fragrances will love this one.

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